Taft High School Foundation - Chicago, Illinois

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Taft High School Foundation and Taft PTSA renovate and refinish the BIG GYM floor!

On June 15, 2015 the BIG Gym Floor renovation was completed. In a unique partnership, under the leadership of PTSA President Mrs. Anita Bernacchi and Foundation President Richard Winge the "BIG" Gym on the first floor was completely refurbished and refinished to become what you can see in the photos below - a first class basketball court that Taft High School boys and girls can use to perfect their skills as athletes on the court. Thanks to your generous donations, both organizations, in cooperation with Taft Principal Mr. Mark Grishaber, we were able to do the work in the first two weeks of June. As such, the floor will be ready for the 2015 Fall Semester beginning this September.

Thank you for your support of these two fine organizations in their endeavor to make Taft the Premier High School in the city of Chicago.

Big Gym Renovation

The Foundation Board of Directors:
Anita Bernacchi (President of the Taft PTSA, Board Member of the Taft Local School Council and Taft Parent)
Rich Bolinder (1970 alumnus)
Dr. Sharon Manjack (Taft Special Education Teacher)
Ted Pirpiris (Local School Council Emeritus Chairman)
Dr. Art Tarvardian (Emeritus Principal of Taft High School)
Rick Winge (1970 alumnus)

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