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Taft HS 75th Anniversary

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

For those of you attending the 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Fundraiser Banquet on September 27th here is some information that you will find helpful.

There are no printed tickets to the event. Similar to a "wedding" all you need to do when you arrive at the Ridgemoor Country Club is simply "check-in" at the Welcome Desk in the foyer of the club. Our Welcome Desk Alumni Staff will check you in, give you a 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Program and our enthusiastic Taft Student ushers will escort you to your specific table or tables available for you.

The doors will open promptly at 5:30pm. There will be a Welcome Reception from 5:30pm until 6:45pm, at which time dinner will begin. There will be three carving stations of delicious food selections for you to choose from and dinner service will extend until 8:30pm so there is no pressing need to rush your dinner. You and your table guests may enjoy dinner at your own pace.

There will be a short presentation of speakers from 8:30pm until 9:00pm including Taft High School's new principal, Mr. Mark Grishaber and a few others and there will be ample time to meet and greet scores of Taft alumni, two dozen retired Taft teachers and a host of other friends of Taft High School during the evening.

The entertainment begins at approximately at 9:00pm featuring the music from the 40's, 50's and 60's. So, if you enjoy Glenn Miller, Dinah Shore and the Mills Brothers along with the Crew-cuts, Bill Haley and Tommy Edwards and even Petula Clark, Everly Brothers and the Beatles you will be pleased with the song and dance selections that will be played throughout the evening.

Two other important items for you to consider. Many of you are aware of the Boys and Girls Locker Room Donation program where donors that wish to have their names placed on a football locker or any locker in either of the boys and girls locker rooms will be able to visit Taft High School at 3:30PM on that same Saturday afternoon, September 27th. The Taft High School Foundation has already riveted 50 metal alumni donor name plates to lockers in both locker rooms. These 50 alumni and others are invited to see both the completed work on these rooms as well as their names on their selected locker. If you have questions about this donation program please contact us via the Foundation website.

Finally, Taft High School and the Taft High School Foundation have arranged for Saturday, October 4th to be the First Taft High School Alumni Football Game. The game was specifically scheduled as a Saturday afternoon game so everyone can easily drive to Lane Tech Stadium for the 12:45pm kickoff. All Taft alumni will be seated between the 45-yard lines so you have prime seats to enjoy the game. All Taft alumni athletes will be honored during halftime. So whether you were a cheerleader, baseball player, GAA participant, football player, track and field, bowling, volleyball or any other sport, this will be a game and day for you to thoroughly enjoy. Remember, seats are first-come, first-served. Tickets are only $5 at the gate (but any extra you wish to donate is appreciated) and all donations will go to the Taft Athletic Department.


Richard Winge
Class of 1970
Taft High School Foundation


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